Welcome to Savage Radio – The Rock N Roll Animal. You found the best rock station on the planet!  It’s a unique blend of Hard Rock, Classic Rock and Metal. Playing today’s greatest rock songs, yesterday’s monster tracks, deeper album cuts as well as tunes by lesser known artists. Savage Radio is committed to bringing you the finest rock radio experience over the internet. Not knowing what you are going to hear next, as well as anticipating favorite songs and new tracks being played,  has always been a huge part of the magic when listening to the radio. It’s a formula that you just don’t get with your personal playlist or on your current radio dial. Savage Radio keeps it interesting and should not disappoint. If you remember the great days of terrestrial rock radio then what you will find is that excitement lives here. If you are new to this kind of thing, it’s well past time you experience it for yourself.  
      The idea for Savage Radio began in the late 1990’s. The style of a having a hard rock format was not a question. Music started to be gathered and converted into high quality mp3’s, and research was done on how having an online station could actually be accomplished. It just so happened that around that same time LIVE365 was just getting started. It was the perfect solution as it was a hosting platform for online radio stations. After many months of planning and setup, Savage Radio hit the online airwaves on July 4th of 2000. Savage Radio is proud to have been one of the first stations on the LIVE365 platform. In the beginning the station was only on for a certain number of hours each day with all the music being stored and played on the LIVE365 servers directly.  Eventually, the station was on the air 24 hours a day.  The next goal was to move to webcasting live from the station computer. And on July 4th of 2008, eight years after first being online, Savage Radio went LIVE 24/7 from Animal Studio 9.
     There have been some bumps in the road along the way. Due to issues with music licensing and royalties, LIVE365 was forced to close their doors and on January 31st of 2016 everything was shut down. I already had an alternative in place and as of February 1st of 2016, Savage Radio went live on a platform called Radionomy. Unfortunately that only lasted for 9 months and at the end of October the station went dark. The future looked bleak, but in a surprising development it was announced late in the year that LIVE365 would be coming back in 2017. After more than three months off air, on February 8th of 2017, Savage Radio was able to join LIVE365 once again and stream live 24/7. And that is how things currently stand.
      The formula for the playlist is based loosely on the system that was used at the original WXQR in Jacksonville, NC. Many hours of work have been put into trying to design the perfect mix of music. The category layout is plugged into a program called Station Playlist which automatically selects the weekly playlist. The station slogan is also taken from WXQR which never used it again after the station was sold to new owners in 1994. The Rock N Roll Animal seemed perfect for SAVAGE RADIO!
      A big concern all along has been the issue of being able to keep the station running financially. Because of this, Savage Radio has stayed under the radar and in the hobby realm. Since the beginning and to this day it is a one man show when it comes to programming as well as funding which comes out of pocket. Costs include monthly fees for LIVE365 and new music, plus yearly fees for the website and domain. In the current state it would be next to impossible to reach a wider audience without the funds needed to do so. More exposure usually means more funding. The idea of a partner(s) is also being considered to help the station grow as well. If you love rock music and would like to see Savage Radio be able to bring it to the masses around the world, please consider supporting the station. Look for ways to support coming to the station very soon including a cool swag store and other ways to donate.
       Thank you for taking time out to learn more about Savage Radio! This is a real rock station with a mission to be on top and rock your world.  Join our Rock Revolution! It’s about the music, the artists and the fans.  Crank it up, enjoy and thanks for listening.